ADELE New Album In 2015


Adele may literally have an impossible act to follow- the catastrophically successful 2011 phenomenon “21.” Arguably the greatest album of the past 10 years, the British singer is taking her time with her next installment. A lot has changed since- her scarred heart has healed with a husband and a child to show for it. She no longer can pull from her well of dark emotion, because she’s…happy. She’s 25 years old and she may be left uninspired. But we think Adele’s far from over. She could pull from her insecurities, she could write about empowerment. Adele could easily craft a ballad for her husband or a love letter to her daughter. Adele may be famous for her songs about love but what if she wrote about loving? While we understand it’s a challenge- it’s nearly impossible- an album needs to come out soon. “21” came out in 2011 (four years ago can you believe that?). While she may not want to be in the spotlight, we want her to be. The people have been demanding a sequel since 2012, each time thinking they’ll get new material. The world expected and album from the artist in 2014 but executives are now saying we won’t be getting a new album until 2015 at the earliest. And that to me is wrong. It should not take half a decade to write 12 songs. Rihanna is whipping out albums every year- and pretty good albums at that. Sure Adele wants quality over quantity but that’s not always how the music industry works. We’re getting impatient because we love you Adele. But there comes a point in time where you’re only building to the hype the longer you wait. Every year that you prolong it we expect the album to be even better. We are ecstatic at the idea of new material, Adele, and you can take as long as you want. Don’t try to please us- please yourself. Because whatever you think is good enough is good enough for us.


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