Viola Davis is Amanda Waller!!!


Viola Davis is loud and Hollywood needs to take notice. After profound performances and countless Oscar nominations, Viola Davis is nowhere to be seen. And she’s been very vocal about how unfair this is. She’s been demanding for African American actresses to get the roles they deserve. Talent and talent alone should drive a career, not race. Viola Davis is fighting this valiantly with How To Get Away With Murder, Shonda Rhimes brilliant new drama on ABC. While many said that TV is not good enough for an actress of her caliber, Davis keenly pointed out that this isn’t a matter of talent. Simply put, she’s not getting the roles she should be in movies. But could that all change with this latest announcement? Yes after rumors and speculation, Viola Davis is officially cast as Amanda Waller in DC’s upcoming blockbuster The Suicide Squad. While some thought it could be Oprah Winfrey’s role (we thought that would be absolutely ridiculous) this is a role Viola Davis could sleigh…if they make Amanda Waller the action hero that she is. If she’s nothing more than a government agent, we’ll be disappointed. She needs to be the Nick Fury of the DC Universe. She needs to be strong. Because Viola Davis deserves nothing less.


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