“The Interview” VS North Korea


In the world we live in, a war could wage over a Seth Rogen movie. No our enemies target is not the White House anymore, it’s Hollywood as The Interview controversially (and brilliantly) crosses the line. The movie’s ambitious premise may be too daunting- James Franco plays a talk show host asked by Kim Jon Un to visit North Korea, the perfect opportunity for the CIA to take down the infamous dictator. It’s absurd and offensive but completely hilarious (in a trashy Seth Rogen way). While reviewers have universally given it a C, The Interview is an original concept with a formulaic structure. The synopsis is funnier than the script. While we thought it was controversial, we never expected it to be justification for war. Yes, while threats have been spewing from Korea, no one took it seriously. But after Sony’s cyberattack, people began to ask questions. After the cyberterrorists promised 9/11 like attacks on anyone who watched the film, America became terrified. Sony, which is losing more than it’s getting from The Interview, just decided to postpone the release of the film, only furthering our surprise and our fear that we underestimated North Korea. Obama, in a video to the people, reassured us that the country could not stage attacks on our soil but moviegoers can’t help but feel scared. Rogen and Franco seem to be taking this surprisingly well, resisting the urge to poke fun at the insanity of the situation. The Interview has escalated into one of the most horrifyingly fascinating movies of the year. In the meantime, all other North Korea projects have been cancelled (including one starring Steve Carrel). You can be frightened or you can think there’s no cause for concern- at the end of the day the entire situation is utterly ridiculous.

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