“Insurgent” Trailer Talk!!!

A drastically improved preview to a sequel no one cares about. Sure there’s a strong YA demographic, but the small fan group cannot compare to the legions The Hunger Games has built. And for a movie with this budget to stay competitive, it needs to be on par with something like THG or The Fault In Our Stars. Teenagers have proved themselves as strong moviegoers but are they consistent moviegoers? I personally loved Divergent while everyone else didn’t. It was stitched to the book and therefore flawless. Critics and its box office disagreed. Shailene Woodley, who was suppose to be break out star after TFIOS has found herself respected but not adored (to the degree of Jennifer Lawrence) but is giving a valiant effort to launch herself into superstardom by becoming an action hero and not just an emotional actress. While the special affects still look like Sharkboy and Lava Girl Woodley convinces us with her fierce eyes and stone cold expressions. Kate Winslet seems to be giving in ANOTHER phoned in performance as the major villain (who we were certain died in the first installment but unfortunately didn’t). It’s awkward seeing Ansel Elgort (Woodley’s love interest in TFIOS) play her vicious brother (talk about a change in dynamic!!!) but it’s one fans will have to get used to as he plays a critical role in the upcoming film. I was shocked to see Octavia Spencer (in that one single shot) because how was I supposed to know she’d be in it? An Academy Award Winning actress deserves more respect that one brief second in the trailer. Come on!!! It’ll be a tough two hours to sit through but knowing what’s to come in Allegiant (fans of the book will know what I’m talking about), I’ll suffer to get to the brilliant finale. Until then, I’ll be mildly entertained.


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