“GHOSTBUSTERS” Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy

So yet another rumors leaked from Sony’s e-mails- one that could be too absurd to be true. Whether you think a remake of Ghostbusters would be an abomination or not, it’s happening with or without your support. In e-mails between Sony’s Amy Pascal and Paul Feig, there were talks of who could play the iconic roles. While it’s already been announced that they were looking for an all female team, we didn’t know the cast could be so impressive. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Melissa McCarthy all want desperately to be in the reboot and we think the three would be PERFECT. Lawrence and Stone could add another franchise to their belt while McCarthy seems an obvious choice. Peter Dinklage (the Game of Thrones fan favorite) is rumored to play the villain- a criminal who, after being shot with electricity at his death sentence, turns into a ghost. We think that sounds both legitimately frightening and also kind of brilliant. Dinklage is the perfect balance between serious and hilarious, making him born to play the role. SNL recent breakout star, Cicily Strong (a co-anchor for Weekend Update), is also rumored to be joining the cast as a two faced government official who critiques the team but secretly likes them (whatever that means!!!). We aren’t die hard fans of the franchise so this reboot seem absolutely perfect (a word we’ve used WAY too often in this article). It’s bolstered by star power but bolstered by talented star power (there’s a difference). We trust that Feig and the incredible cast he’s assembled (hypothetically) will do the iconic franchise justice. But what about you?


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