ALAN RICKMAN’S “A Little Chaos” A Little Brilliant!!!

While you’re initial reaction might be “Ugh! Another period piece?” (it’s a reflex at this point), Alan Rickman is crafting a brilliant new angle to the ancient and tired concept. Rickman, now behind the camera as well as in front of it, seems to be fitting in just right as the director for this project. He’s capturing the magic and wonder of Versailles while also giving the earth a humble character of it’s own. The story, of how the “Garden of Eden” was designed is a fascinating one just because audience members don’t have a clue. Making landscaping an art form (which it is) is a brilliant new point and one we hear nothing about. A script with breathtakingly beautiful lines (see the rose) enhanced by Kate Winslet in a refreshingly humble role is enchanting. It’s nice to see Matthias Schoenaerts, a famous actor from Bulgaria, get to take the stage here. A period piece may all be the same to some, but Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci in one is convincing enough for me to go another time and explore the mystical landscapes of Versailles.


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