“23 Jump Street” and “Men In Black 4” CROSSOVER!!!

Sony may be furious but we’re completely entertained!!! As private e-mails flood the internet, bloggers are going BERSERK over the rumors. The latest won to take over the internet is a possible crossover between 23 Jump Street and Men In Black 4. If Marvel and DC are doing it can’t they!? When franchises are now becoming cinematic universes, Sony is just trying to catch up. But this news is just a little…terrible. It’s one thing to put Spiderman with Captain America but this? 22 Jump Street brilliantly laughed at itself while Men In Black 3 awkwardly humiliated itself. 22JS is the funnier franchise and it’ll be dragged down by the weight of MIB. There shouldn’t even be a 23 Jump Street. The last installment poked fun at sequels so it would be repetitive or hypocritical if it tried to make third. Sony should pull the plug on MIB while resisting the urge to ruin the 21 Jump Street franchise. While it may be the best step to move these franchises forward, these franchises shouldn’t be moving forward. Do I love the idea of a crossover movie where there shouldn’t be a cross over movie? Of course. But not likes this. Not with them.


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