Peter “Pan” Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Everyone’s already sick of the story and when three different versions of it are coming out over a year they have to do something different. This origin story seems interesting but not brilliant (by brilliant we mean Peter and the Starcatcher).  What’s most surprising is Hugh Jackman as Black Beard (he kind of looked like Tom Hiddelston in my defense). It took me a double take to realize he was in this movie under all that makeup and with that awkward wig. Jackman looks sickening in the best ways possible. Unlike Christopher Walken in Peter Pan Live! this villain will truly be deliciously wicked.  Levi Miller looks endearing as the boy who won’t grow up but audiences will only be captivated by Jackman’s haunting performance. Rooney Mara looks incredible as Tiger Lily (as does the entire tribe). The only problem I have with the film is Captain Hook. Garret Hedlund is seeking redemption after Tron: Legacy but instead he’s looking worse (if that’s even possible). I like Hook’s role in this, being someone who brings Lost Boys to the island to become workers. But it comes across as the bad comedic relief with a terrible accent. He seems fake in such a dark gritty reboot. It seems like a fatal flaw that could bring down the entire project. I was nervous that this would be an attempt at creating a franchise (this being the origin story) but now I’m almost hoping evolves into one. They’ve certainly established the tone and mood that will make this movie stand out. All other Peter Pan reboots better watch out because this is shaping into one of the most fascinating films of the year.


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