“Jurassic World” Trailer REVIEW

Jurassic World is no longer a growl but a roar as fans have their first look at the highly anticipated fourth installment to the iconic franchise. While the series hasn’t always been worthy of praise (see the disastrous sequel), the latest epic is sure to reinvigorate the franchise. Certain teases, like the great white shark being chomped, seemed like classic Jurassic Park. But at the same time, modern technology has boosted the archived series into the present beautifully. It’s given a sleeker look while keeping a grittier tone. Chris Pratt, who is trying not to be type cast as Star Lord, seems much more serious with playfully dramatic lines. The premise too, is bolstered with more realistic evidence. As a casual moviegoer not obsessed with the original films, this installment is the perfect place to jump onto the train. Just like what Skyfall did with James Bond this movie will do for Jurassic Park. The footage proved that the franchise isn’t over- it’s writing a new chapter for a new generation.


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