ANNIE Performs on DWTS

Annie is hitting theaters in just a few short weeks (can you believe it!?) and in rapid promotional stunts Quvenzhané Wallis is playing it well. It could be interviews or it could be performances (remember the YouTube clip of her singing on the streets of New York?). This time it’s the finale of Dancing With The Stars. With a couple of sets and a dozen young dancers it’s hard to screw it up. The performance wasn’t bad, Wallis actually sounded good. The choreography was unique. The elements interesting. But when you really think about it, is it the hard knock life? Their trying to make it look as modern as possible that it looses the grit and grime of the original. The walls are purple, pink, and perfect. Everything is pristine. Their having a pillow fight for Christ sake! That doesn’t sound too miserable to me. The song was written to show how bad their situation is but it just makes me think their having fun. I guess the real misery is that they have to hear Cameron Diaz sing.


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