Watch “Pitch Perfect 2” Official Trailer!!!

Pitch Perfect is back you pitches!!! With a bolstered budget, this glossy HD is BEAUTIFUL. The concept, a world competition, seems interesting however trivial. The jokes are coming across. But with Elizabeth Banks, the movie walks a VERY fine line and at times comes off as stupid unoriginal comedy. The beginning of the trailer, meant to bring back nostalgia for the original film, seemed overly dramatized and just cheesy. When you have a story that crosses into song, cheesy is never a word you want associated with it. The emotional tug and the comedy longer seems natural but forced. Rebel Wilson is carrying the show with her pushing-it comedy (and just by falling down the stairs) while Anna Kendrick is apart of overused fart/loser jokes.  Hailee Steinfeld seems like the perfect new addition to the team (there are some crazy rumors that Ariana Grande could be making an appearance which we LOVE) but David Cross just seems like an annoying Zach Galifianakis. The trailer though DOES get you super pumped about the movie. Even if it seems a tad tacky, there’s a familiarity that makes you fall back in love with the concept of an a cappella movie done right. The internet has gone crazy for the trailer so it’s clearly doing it’s job. But to me, it looks good but a little stupid. Instead of “aca-mazing” (which everyone’s now calling it) I’d say it’s more “aca-word.”


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