“Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography” REVIEW

Neil Patrick Harris’ autobiography is brilliantly different by ambitiously becoming a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Basically, you decide the twists and turns of NPH’s career, or at least that’s how it’s marketed. While his stories are insightful, intimate, and interesting his format doesn’t quiet do what it promises. It’s not a linear timeline but is instead sections of his passions (acting, magic, family). At the end of the day you can’t arrange his career step by step. When you meet a fork in the road (a juncture in his career where you choose which way to go) the outcomes are short if it’s not the choice he took. If you don’t make the decision he made, you get two pages of an ending that says he lived an extremely miserable life as a Deli Worker, or as a murderer. To me, it would have been interesting if he took on different shows. So if you decide he doesn’t star in “How I Met Your Mother” he lands “Modern Family.” It can be absurd and hilarious, but it shouldn’t be the dead ends he’s made them. Having said that, it is a fun book to read. To the many of you (me included) who read every storyline, you can do it easily. What’s so great about this book is that it’s a reflection on his past while he still has a fascinating future. Still ahead he has the Oscars to host and a Variety Show to star in. He’s not a has-been trying to find nostalgic in the best times of his life. The book gives you a deeper understanding of the star. And, best of all, the book is simply fun to read. And isn’t that all you can ask for?


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