WHAT? Jared Leto as The Joker!!!

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If anyone could reprise a role already defined, it’s Jared Leto. After critics and audiences were in awe of Heath Ledger’s truly incredible performance, it was difficult to picture another Joker. The character is too iconic to lose in the past, so DC somehow has to make a controversial move to bring back the famous villain. With news of a Suicide Squad movie, all eyes are on who could play the famous roles that go beyond the pages of comics and the screens of movies. There were whispers that Jared Leto would take on the Joker and that whisper has evolved into a deafening roar. The Academy Award winning actor could play the character with a sickening cracked smile. Instead of imitating Ledger’s performance (which can’t be imitated), Leto could bring back the character to how he was originally envisioned in the comics. A more traditional Joker (with green hair and purple suit) could bring back the famous character without stepping on Ledger’s brilliant reimagining of the villain. It’ll be interesting to see how DC moves forward with the character. If Jared Leto is involved it could work out beautifully.


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