What Is The “Marvel Experience”


Marvel is conquering everything and now it’s conquering everywhere as the studio announced a national tour. The premise is that SHIELD is setting up a base of operations across the world- even in your home town. It’s not so much a convention as it is an attraction. There will be Marvel heroes (which this time include Spider-Man), that you can meet and take photos with and you can go on 4D rides, a la Universal Studios. Not much else is know about the event, but it seems like it’ll just be printing money by the millions. It’s essentially a mobile Disney world with Marvel superheroes (what could go wrong?). This strategy has worked for Disney (who owns Marvel) in the past, with Disney on Ice! being a huge success across the country. And at only $35 a ticket, this could be big success. The only problem I think this tour could face is setting up an age demographic. Comic book heroes are adored by adults but will this attraction only cater to the kids? It would be really impressive it could appeal to both the families and the fans by being a mashup of Disney World and Comic Conn. Right now, by its description that isn’t the case. It instead seems like a traveling display few are aware of. The key will be to get newspapers on board- not with ads but with articles. Make it not only an event but an experience- one that the sheer masses can enjoy. You’re move DC.


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