Taylor Swift VS Spotify

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Taylor Swift is refusing to adapt to the future of music…and it’s working. In a highly publicized controversy, her latest album 1989 was not released on Spotify, the free music streaming site with over 50 million users. Yeah, so 50 million users were pretty pissed.  Swift (estimated to be worth over $200 million) claims that the multi-million dollar company isn’t giving artist the money they deserve. While Spotify offered her $6 million for her music in a lengthy response she declined the offer.

Swift says that she’s making more money with her music videos than she is for her actual music and deems this completely unacceptable. Her stubbornness is paying off in numbers. Her latest album sold 1.287 million copies in it’s first week and still stands triumphantly atop Billboard’s charts. Taylor Swift is certainly making a statement but she’s not going to make a change. Until other heavyweights like Beyonce, One Direction, or Rihanna do the same that we’ll be seeing changes. Spotify may be frustrated and angry but their not worried…for now.  The music industry is evolving into streaming whether artists like it or not. Because at the end of the day the artist doesn’t get what they want- the audience does.


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