“Spider-Man” Spin-Off On Aunt May!?!?!?!?

It’s amazing what the internet can come up with and what the internet can believe. Last week social media exploded when a rumor sprouted that Aunt May would get a spin-off movie of her own, after a less than successful sequel to the more than promising Amazing Spiderman. Of course, this rumor is too absurd to be true (Sony may be stupid but their not THAT stupid). It COULD be true that the franchise is working on a prequel origin story for the character, shining light on his parents and not Peter Parker, but phrasing it as an Aunt May spin-off is just ridiculous. The multi-million dollar company is trying to reshape their vision, which was once built up to be a cinematic universe. The third installment has been pushed back after audiences showed their tired of yet another Spidey reboot. After all, in just a decade we’ve gotten two different Spiderman franchises while Black Panther is FINALLY getting his turn on the big screen. It’s just staggering to see a series try so hard to be relevant that a rumor like this is getting any attention at all. I’m dumbstruck at just how dumb the public seems to be struck.


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