New Title For Star Wars!!!!

Despite efforts that should be working, Star Wars is simply not getting any traction. People are certainly aware that it’s happening, their even excited that it’s happening. But they don’t seem invested in it the same way people care about the latest Marvel flick or DC movie. When it was first announced we thought it would be the most anticipated movie of all time, and now that spot is selfishly stolen by Batman V. Superman (I’m not going to bother with the even longer subtitle). The movie’s coming out in just a few months but people care more about a movie coming out two years from now. What’s more dumbfounding is it’s impressive cast getting absolutely no recognition. Sure it doesn’t have outlandish casting announcements like DC, but it has casting announcements that make us excited. But it seems the internet doesn’t want to talk about what’s going to be good- they want to talk about the controversial. Last week, Star Wars got it’s title (The Force Awakens) and it isn’t until now that I’m writing about it because it wasn’t until now that I knew about it. The three word title is pretty legit too. It’s vague but it’s interesting. It implies a reboot to a franchise that desperately needs redemption but god forbid anyone care. Star Wars is shaping up to be a good movie, not a controversial one. And for that reason it’s not commanding the headlines. But with any luck at all, it’ll pull through and control the box office. And at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.


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