“Insurgent” Teaser Trailer REVIEW

Insurgent is trying but failing. With a bolstered budget, their marketing the second installment as an action movie filled with special effects (so every successful movie in the past 10 years). What we loved but what critics hated is now gone and to me, that’s a shame. Divergent was the perfect movie adaptation of a YA book because it was a close movie adaptation of a YA book. It didn’t change the vision of the series. Now it looks like a tacky cash grab from a Disney TV Movie. The special effects might as well be from Sharkboy and Lavagirl as it’s impossible not to see the cheapness of it. If you’re going to do special effects do it well or don’t do it all. Insurgent is by far the worst book of the series, but cramming action into a plotless narrative won’t solve anything. Shailene Woodley, who was suppose to be launched into stardom after The Fault In Our Stars instead disappeared after a crash of summer blockbusters made us forget her endearing performance. We personally aren’t a fan of her new hair and it’s just one more way to show that this isn’t a sequel to Divergent but an entirely new aesthetic. The change in directors has changed the vision of the franchise for the worse. I’ve never been so disappointed with a sequel to a movie that went beyond every expectation. It’s become a wannabe that will never be.


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