Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” REVIEW

Amy Poehler is not her character. On SNL or in Parks and Recreations she’s hilariously brilliant but as herself she is, dare I say it, lackluster. It’s a boring book with punchy sentences. She’s not trying to be funny with every word- she’s trying to be honest. Which isn’t a bad thing but at times it is a boring thing. Her “comedy wife” Tina Fey’s book Bossypants was filled with punchlines that maybe it’s our fault we had the same expectation for Poehler. At times it’s sharp and witty and at other times it shows the quiet life of her family. As opposed to Neil Patrick Haris’ ambitious venture into the autobiography, this book doesn’t have a bite. It gives you an inside look at the world she lives in but doesn’t surprise you. Do I recommend it? Sure. But did I adore it? No.  It’s a very soft narrative from such a bulldog performer.


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