INTERSTELLAR Movie Review!!!


Despite confused reviews from the biggest voices, Interstellar is genius. Christopher Nolan’s love letter to the universe is a stunning spectacle with a beautiful heart. It’s intimacy on a grand scale. The vast exploration through space and time is grounded through one girl (the center of the universe and heart of the story). It’s a mesh between the unknown and the closely familiar as the film tugs at your heart and demands you to think. Matthew McConaughey is profoundly honest while Anne Hathaway goes surprisingly unnoticed. The first 2/3 of the film cannot be argued but the last forty-five minutes are what makes the movie brilliant. Through the entire film you are lost in the wonder of beyond until Nolan ambitiously ventures into the black hole. SPOILER. It’s in this nothingness and enlightenment, where the majority audiences doubt what’s going on because they don’t try and understand. Nolan connects emotion with gravity to transcend space and time. Trapped by the little knowledge of Earth (Murphy’s bookshelf) he needs to inform the planet. He does this through gravity (through love). SPOILER OVER. It’s this incredible realization that makes Interstellar a sophisticated masterpiece of constellations. It was so refreshingly unpredictable with twists that kept you immersed in the grand story. Because such little was known about the movie, you were able to discover the awe of what was unfolding as the charters discovered the wonder in creation. The three hour movie was without turbulence- it was three acts seamlessly woven together. Were there questions left unanswered? Yes. But it didn’t matter. The point of this movie didn’t have to do with science it had to do with emotion. As Anne Hathaway gently whispers in the movie emotions don’t connect with science but go beyond science. This great metaphor is what it really is about. Interstellar transcends because the passion within it is limitless.


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