TOY STORY 4 is Coming to Theaters in 2017!!!!!!


We’ve never been so surprised that Pixar would go so far. Their first and most beloved franchise Toy Story isn’t over yet- despite the fact that it’s already over. Make any sense? No, but when does Hollywood make sense at any time? Taking a much needed break from theaters, John Lasseter was tasked with putting his house back in order after failures with no redemption. In fact, this train of misfortune came after Toy Story 3‘s historic premier. After it’s box office, reviews, and Oscars, Pixar went spiraling downhill with misfires Brave, Cars 2, and Monsters Inc. 2. Their renaissance of never ending success quickly imploded. The creative ideas that filled each movie was run dry. While they promised not to ruin any more beloved stories by adding a sequel, it seems that’s all they’ve been announcing. Sure there’s Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur, but we’ve also got sequels to Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and now Toy Story on their agenda. Their destroying classic movies that should be left untouched. Toy Story in particular does not need a fourth installment. The trilogy was absolutely perfect- there wasn’t a single flaw. The third (and what we thought was the final) film was arguably the greatest animated movie of all time. It was one of the few franchises that didn’t end on a sour note. But wait…this is Hollywood. God forbid we have executives that restrain themselves from cash. While we think the creative team was hesitant to venture back into the flawless world they created, I would guess the execs at Disney were pushing them to it. Cast members Tom Hanks and Tim Allen contractually were already signed on for a fourth film a while ago but we never actually thought the movie would happen!!! Why would they even dare try to mess with something so perfect? John Lasseter is set to direct, promising a story that’s worth the movie (we HIGHLY doubt it). What makes it even more interesting is that Rashida Jones (of Parks and Recreation) is set to write the script with her partner Will McCormack (expect Jones to also lend her voice to a character). We think Jones is talented but can she really compete with the Academy Award winning veteran Michael Arndt (who penned Toy Story 3). The ending of the franchise was incredibly profound and now it looks like we’ll be getting more of a holiday special. It might be a good idea to completely change the characters. Instead of Woody and Buzz, it could focus on two female leads. It could be a new era instead of being a dragged on epilogue. We think it would be an interesting idea to make it a new set of characters, but knowing Disney it’ll be the exact same formula. For better or for worse, the story continues. And like it or not, you know you’ll be watching.


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