The Next “HEDWIG” Is….

John Cameron Mitchell….we think….we hope. The Broadway veteran may be a little old but he’d be perfect to reprise the role. As true Broadway obsessed fans know, Mitchell directed, wrote, and starred in Hedwig and the Angry Inch Off-Broadway in 1998 and did the same for the 2001 cult classic film (which he received a Golden Globe nomination for). The talented performer also was apart of the creative team for the show’s Broadway incarnation. So naturally, as Michael C. Hall’s turn comes to a close (January 4th) everyone’s wondering who could fill those steep stiletto heels, fishnet tights, and iconic blonde wig. We think Mitchell would be incredible… if they he’d agree to it. Granted he’s a little old but he could totally pull an Allan Cummings and reprise a role ten years later. The show would totally sustain it’s momentum for signing on big stars for the bigger role if he’d agree. It would be a historic event to have the original Hedwig finally play the part on Broadway. We think it’d be a brilliant move by every side. John Cameron Mitchell, please, please, please say yes!!!


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