INTO THE WOODS Official Trailer + Review

Another trailer has surfaced proving the same as the last- Into the Woods will be a visually stunning epic with painful music numbers that remove you from the experience. Because God forbid Hollywood cast musically talented people in a musical. No, we may not have a Broadway cast but we do have a pretty impressive Hollywood cast of celebrities. In the last trailer before it’s premiere on Christmas, the campaign is clearly focusing on it’s biggest cast member- Meryl Streep. She looks absolutely incredible and perfectly unsettling. But then you hear her sing. Because they must not have gotten the message with Mamma Mia! we’ll say it again: Meryl Streep is the greatest actress that ever lived but she can’t pull of a single note. She sounds breathy but weak with hints of being off-pitch. We’re sorry… but it’s frustrating. We know movie musicals are near impossible to sell, but couldn’t they get celebrities who could at least sing? This doesn’t have the gravitace of Les Miserables so what will this be? It’s a dark grim fantasy with  crackling singing and phoned in performances. It doesn’t seem like the perfect match for a box office. It doesn’t have a classic game changing song like I Dreamed a Dream and it seems their trying to make Streep this movie’s Anne Hathaway. It looks beautiful but sounds grotesque. While Johnny Deep looks anti-climactic as the wolf, Lilla Crawford looks like she’s giving a performance to remember. We’d be shocked if she wasn’t a breakout star from this blockbuster filled with legends. We’re still exciting for the movie adaptation of Into the Woods because it is a movie adaptation of Into the Woods, but it’s sad to know it won’t be as good as we hoped and we expected. But in Hollywood, when do they ever do what we hope or expect?


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