“Frozen” Starring OLSEN TWINS


Frozen is on it’s way to Broadway (as if you didn’t know), and rumors that the Olsen Twins will take on Anna and Elsa has caused the internet to literally shut down. I mean, maybe not LITERALLY but at the very least FIGURATIVELY. The famous twins, Mary Kate and Ashley were Hollywood’s littlest stars and we’re sure they be big on Broadway. While we thought they’d debut in a dark and artistic play (with a British playwright), doing a Disney musical could be a perfect twist. The two stars, now in their 20s, have made a name for themselves in the fashion world (they’ve made MILLIONS), but we think they could take on the Great White Way. Anna and Elsa would be the perfect roles for them to play- it’s certainly a high profile gig. Granted, they can’t sing or dance, but they were good actors when they were 6 so close enough!!! Of course, Idina Menzel wannabes will certainly be furious, but it would sure make for an interesting cast. Thomas Shumacher is still talking with directors about the highly anticipated musical so they definitely don’t have a cast in mind, but a person can dream can’t they!!!


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