ANNIE’s New Beat!!!

Before it’s premiere and after it’s disastrous trailer, Annie is trying to prove it deserves a remake. Before the footage hit the internet, we had high hopes for the project- it was perfect on paper. Quvenzhané Wallis was an Oscar nominated and adorable (she should’ve been PERFECT for Annie) and there was a score by Jay Z (need I say more!?). But thanks to a cringeworthy performance by Cameron Diaz, a phoned in performance by Wallis, and a score that sounded more fake than fabulous, we we’re a little worried. This music video (?) helped somewhat. For one thing there was no Cameron Diaz in sight (hallelujah!) and we could just examine the score. “It’s a Hard Knock Life” has some fun new layers of percussion that gives it a revamped beat. Wallis sounds great and the chorus sound strong. If it weren’t for the emoticons (they we’re pushing it a little), the lyric video did what it needed to do- which was convince us that Annie would keep it’s classic score we all know and love. So far, we’re still a little iffy on the acting, but they’ve convinced us on the music (because they didn’t change it). Well played Hollywood, well played. You haven’t ruined our idea of the classic musical…yet.


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