“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” DISTRICT VOICES Review

It’s strange to think we’ll be getting another Hunger Games just a few short weeks. The publicity team has their work cut out for them. Managing expectations is certainly key. Catching Fire was surprisingly perfect and we have the same expectations for Mockingjay. The publicity team is clearly being careful about how they move forward with Jennifer Lawrence. She was Hollywood’s biggest star and to some extant she still is, but she’s become so exposed that people are getting sick of her (that’s in part to her Oscar nomination last year). The team has tried not to focus their campaign on her (she has enough attention already) but has instead spent the time and money to build up the fascinating world the characters are set in. Genuinely using propaganda as their advertisements, we get a never before seen look at the various districts of the Capitol. While buzz about the film is certainly quiet, expect an overloud of ads coming at us by November (when the movie premiers). Right now their right where they need to be- interesting the fans who care enough but not annoying the ones who don’t.


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