Christopher Nolan has become an iconic director (The Dark Knight solidified this), he’s compared to the likes of Stephen Spielberg, and yet he hasn’t a single Oscar. His ambitious new project, Interstellar will change that.

A science fiction movie with depth and emotion is hard to pull off but Nolan dares to try. A story of intergalactic space travel is juxtaposed by the smallness of humanity- thus creating a beautiful and fascinating experience.

With everything looking perfect on paper, he’s hell-bent on getting the golden statue this February. His cast, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chasten (to name a few) the Academy adores.

After furious protests, the Academy certainly regretted not giving The Dark Knight a nomination for Best Picture so expect a nomination for Christopher Nolan (for Best Director) as an apology.

The movie could even be nominated for Best Picture, in fact it’s expected to. The Oscars have been battered for not giving attention to blockbusters (where mainstream audiences are involved) and Christopher Nolan is famous for appealing to both critics and audiences.

If the Oscars want to stay relevant, they need to represent Hollywood in all it’s glory (both the big budget blockbusters and the classy critically acclaimed pictures). Interstellar is both.The one thing standing in it’s way seems to be Gravity. Although it’s story was thin it reigned big at the awards circuits. We can guarantee comparisons between Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. Their similar selling point (a draw dropping spectacle unfolding in front of your eyes) might make the Academy reluctant to pick ANOTHER space film.

Interstellar sure has it’s work cut out for it. Both the film and the Oscars could use the help. Of course we’ve still got a lot of time to see how it all plays out (the movie hasn’t even opened) but you can bet it’ll be a memorable outcome. Either way, with or without an Oscar, Interstellar will be something to watch with bated breath. If it doesn’t win an Oscar, it will have at least won us over.


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