Apple is fighting to stay on the edge of the present, but is slipping into the past. Hiding behind clear and crisp designs, Apple products lack an engine- a true system that’s stronger than the rest. The Mac (which is still waiting for a touch screen upgrade) is the most recent product their remodeling. Yosemite is beautiful. It has sharp colors but a frosted softness (it seems like a glossier version of Google’s aesthetic). The redesign is stunning but proves more than ever how much the design is outgrowing the outdated device. There’s not much else you can do with the software with this hardware. When are we going to get an EXTERIOR upgrade? The Mac could greatly benefit from a revamped design. We need to pressure them into make a Tablet/Laptop (pressuring was the only reason we got the Apple Watch!). A screen without such a thick black border would be nice. Heck what about curved screens? On TV’s it’s an incredible experience (despite it’s cost) so what if you applied it to laptops? Apple needs to change things…experiment with radical ideas. Yosemite is the best it can be given it’s restrictions. If Apple doesn’t jump from the edge of the present to the dangerous future, it will be swallowed by the bore of the past. And we wouldn’t want that would we?


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