“The Hunger Games” Jena Malone Playing Robin in “Batman V. Superman”

While we can’t say it’s happening- we can say it’s brilliant. Jena Malone, who impressively stole the show in “Catching Fire” (against Jennifer Lawrence!!!), may be playing Batman’s partner in crime. The actress was seen on location with Zach Snyder, who she worked with on Sucker Punch, and while she claimed it was just a visit, extras say Malone has a key role in the blockbuster. While on various red carpets, people took notice that she died her hair red, adding to the fire already blazing. In Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (which Zach Snyder seems to be using heavily as a reference), a teenage girl Carrie Kelley is saved by the older Batman and she becomes Robin. This twist to the classic character could be interesting, with Joseph Gorden Levit already giving us the perfect traditional Robin. While we think her role will be more of a cameo, Batman V. Superman sure has a crowded cast (just look it up) and we’d hate for this to be another The Amazing Spiderman 2. Let’s hope Zach Snyder has this all under control, and can balance all the new characters he’s throwing at us as he builds a new cinematic universe. At the rate we’re going we’ll already be getting a Justice League movie.


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