FIRST LOOK! “Peter Pan Live!”

With time quickly slipping away, we have a more official look at “Peter Pan Live!” The TV event has everything to prove and nothing it can afford to lose.  After an abysmal performance by Carrie Underwood in last year’s “The Sound of Music Live!” you could hear the frustration when Allison Williams was cast as the Boy Who Won’t Grow Up (you would think NBC would’ve learned their lesson!!!). You can say she can act (she’s great in the HBO show Girls) but she isn’t exactly a singer…or a dancer (as this photo so awkwardly points out). Not only does she look photoshopped, she just looks fake. Having said that, our lack of faith in Williams is completely balanced out by our amazement at Christopher Walken. Sure, he can’t sing and he’ll be terrible in the telecast, but in the poster he looks legit. Everything from his menacing glance to handlebar mustache is the perfect level of frightening. The telecast is clearly trying to bring back Broadway to the classic era on TV, but instead it’s looking life an SNL parody. I can tell you that by the end of the performance, you’ll be laughing at them not with them. But whose to say ones worse?


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