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It’s confirmed! Neil Patrick Harris will MC the 2015 Academy Awards. The celebrity has had an interesting and certainly busy year. Having just wrapped the incredibly popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother back in March, he transformed himself into a transgender rock star in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Just today, he published his memoir-ish book Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography to staggering praise from fans and critics alike. And to add, well it looks like he’ll be hosting the Oscars!!! Not bad for a year, eh? NPH (as the cool kids call him) has had his fair share as the MC, practically switching off each year between hosting the Emmys and hosting the Tonys. After all, he’s a Tony award winner with five Emmy’s so he’s pretty much prefect for the gig. TV execs love him because he’s beloved by all demographics (fans of film, TV, and theater) and with the Oscars on his resume, he’ll be only one step away from being the only person to be an EGOT master of ceremony. NPH will be taking over for Ellen, a tough act to follow (her “Selfie” became the most re-Tweeted photo on the internet for Christ sake). Expect a big opening number (YouTube the 2013 Tony Opening if you think I’m kidding). We think this is the perfect (albeit obvious) choice to host. We knew it would have to happen sometime, so we’re glad it’s at the peak of his career. For now, Neil Patrick Harris can do no wrong- because he’s doing everything right.


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