With NO announcements coming from Marvel, fans are making up their own. It’s so uncharacteristic of Paul Feigi that we as an internet have reason to believe big things are happening behind closed doors.

The topic up for debate is a Civil War in the Marvel cinematic universe. It’s been a key aspect of the comics (it’s the only reason anyone was excited for The Avengers) that becomes not only a fight between the team, but a divide between the fans.

It’s an argument over whether the government can have power over the superheroes and what they do or if the government should stay out of their way.

It was a topic explored in Iron Man 2 unsuccessfully but was done to a profound extent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Captain America  (the leader of the Avengers) transformed form a weak bore in the shadow of Robert Downey Jr. to a thought provoking thriller.

While RDJ is still the heavyweight at Marvel, Chris Evans proved that he can stand on his own (his sequel was one of the most successful movies of the year). He showed that he was ready to lead the Avengers and lead the franchise to new depths.

The team will be taking sides, and Phase Three (which is reportedly going to last for an unprecedented four years) will focus entirely on the conflict.

Instead of stand alone quests, it looks like we’re going to be getting a series of cross overs that all follow the same storyline (building up to an Avengers that will be in two parts).

All of this is radical and exciting news, if proven true. It shows that Marvel can make headlines without doing a thing- they can let the internet make news for them.

They did, however, give some pushing to make this spin into a whirlwind, and that’s the news that Robert Downey Jr. will co-star in Captain America 3.

RDJ has been trying to set up a place for him outside of blockbusters like Marvel and Sherlock Holmes but his first venture (The Judge) was an embarrassing disappointment. While he originally said he would not appear in any other Marvel moviesit looks like he’s not only returning- he’ll be here to stay.

Yes, just like the comics, Iron Man will be at the front lines of this war- fighting against Captain America. Allegedly, the end credits scene of Age of Ultron will be Cap showing off his new team of superheroes.

Among them is rumored to be Captain Marvel, played by Emily Blunt. The actress has been flirting with Marvel for years, originally signed on to play Black Widdow until her schedule conflicted with shooting the film (Scarlett Johansson famously took on the role instead). Blunt would be perfect for the role and add a whole new dynamic to the team.

The question, though becomes when Marvel will come out with a film starring a woman. They have options (Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel) but they better make up a decision fast with Wonder Women hitting the big screens in 2016.

Marvel has been adamant that their will be no more origin stories, so the team has to have some good excuses for being there. Black Panther is reported to make the cut, but can his complicated past be explained in exposition?

Marvel has neither denied or confirmed any of these rumors, but there’s more than enough reason to believe them. With such riots, we’d be surprised if they would dare to disappoint us by not giving us what we want (and are slowly beginning to expect from Phase 3). There has to be a reason for such silence over at Marvel. It seems right now whispers are becoming shouts- as we wait in this lucid place of the quiet before the storm.


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