FROZEN’s Idina Menzel “Holiday Wishes”

She made a single song into a phenomenon that can’t be forgotten yet has been so quickly forgotten.Out of everyone that deserves success post-Frozen, it’s Idina Menzel. She maintained some momentum by starring in the Broadway musical If/Then but nothing much came out of it. She’ll be lost in the show for months (the Great White Way adores her so who could blame her?) but she’s still trying to grasp the stardom she deserves. Her attempt to do this is her latest album Holiday Wishes. It’s a VERY basic set list of traditional Christmas songs but it’d be a crime if there was no recording of her singing such obvious choices  SOMEWHERE. We think it could’ve been a little better with maybe some original Broadway like songs, but oh well. Michael Buble is a pleasant surprise on the duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside” for what it’s worth. The album comes out today (mid October seems a little early to be getting into the Holiday mood but okay) and is expected to make the charts someplace. We can’t blame her for doing it, in fact we have to praise her for doing it. She makes all your wishes come true, even if your wish was already granted by Barbra Streisand.


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