Taylor Swift Joins “The Voice”

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The perfect American girl is joining America’s biggest show. The Voice has never faltered when bringing on a celebrity (something that can’t be said for other reality competition shows), all have been surprisingly natural while also being deservedly famous. This season was no different, brining on Gwen Stefani and Pharell Williams to sit in the now iconic spinning red chairs. But just after the premiere it’s seventh season (has it really been that long!?) we got a pleasant surprise with the announcement that Taylor Swift would be the mentor for all four teams. The spot, previously filled by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, is fitting for Swift. It’s small enough to not be time consuming, but important enough to be worthy of her presence. The country singer (beloved by tweens and teens alike) is transitioning into pop for the first time this fall, with her highly anticipated album 1989 and this quick stint is the perfect PR stunt (unlike her attempt at acting in last month’s quickly forgotten flick The Giver). The Voice is credible enough to not seem like Swift is degrading her dignity while Swift is a big enough star to make the show even more prevalent in pop culture. We’re not sure how well she’ll be as the mentor, but it’s not too demanding a role to make her look bad. All in all, it seems like a great move for her and her career, while also being one more reason to watch the The Voice. 


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