MOCKINGJAY: “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde

Lorde has contributed to an array of movies, but this time, she’s been tapped to lead the album. Just like Coldplay’s “Atlas” did for Catching Fire, “Yellow Flicker Beat” intends to do the same for Mockingjay: Pat One. The young singer’s voice has never sounded more organic and raw, with beautifully unedited hums that give a vibrating rumble to the rest of the track. It’s filled with beautiful (or at the very least interesting) lyrics, but it’s set to a very one note melody that seems more like a drone than a tune. Lacking any real beginning, middle, and end it’s not the perfect song execs wanted to put at the forefront. It’s good, but only in the background. It’s monotonous deep but rich sound is too subtle, it lacks sparks of excitement. It might get you in the mood, but it doesn’t create the mood. It’s essentially one long poem set to an overdone rhythm. Not the best start to a movie depending on a success.


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