Liam Neeson AND Morgan Freeman Cast In “Ted 2”

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Seth MacFarlane is picking himself back up from his failed attempt going in front of the camera in A Million Ways To Die In the West to astonishing levels. It’s as if the movie never happened. Sure he stumbled, but he played it off with such charisma. Having already lined up Ted 2 for 2015 (and because of unfaltering ratings for his comedies on TV) MacFarlane is back in the game and bigger than ever. The season premiere to Family Guy (on which he voices practically every character), was a monumental success, teaming up with The Simpsons to create a legendary crossover event that was everything millions of fans wanted it to be. Making sure that his shows are on point, he’s started to pay more attention to the movies, an outlet he’s been dying to play with. His first effort, Ted, became executive producer’s every dream, becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. And just to prove the franchise will be as good as we want it to be (and as good as producer’s need it to be) MacFarlane has signed on Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman (Amanda Seyfried is also set to replace Mila Kunis as the main love interest). It’s not surprising to hear this casting, as MacFarlane is famous for brining in big names. He had an impressive ensemble of celebrities in A Million Ways to Die In The West but then again, that movie didn’t turn out that well. But maybe we shouldn’t blame the cast but the script for the flick’s failure as MacFarlane has faith in the movies stars (both Neeson and Seyfried appeared in the western). We’re sure Morgan Freeman as Morgan Freeman will be a hillarious scene partner against the crude teddy bear but what about Neeson? He’s found his spot as an action star in the largely successful Taken franchise but he came off as cringe worthy in A Million Ways. For this reason we think MacFarlane will be very careful as to how they craft his character. We think he shouldn’t be a villain (which he very likely will be) but instead be a more Most Intersting Man in the World persona (if you know the famous commercials). Maybe he could be the boss of Mark Whalberg? We think he could nail comedy but it nedds to be the right role. If anyone could do it, it’d be MacFarlane. The man has assembled a cast to be reckoned with in a movie that might just prove he’s invisible (no matter how many ways he’s died in the west).



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