FIRST LOOK! Sutton Foster In “Younger”

Sutton Foster, after a fairly strong run on the ABC Family show Bunheads, is trying again with Younger. The show, about a forty year old single mother lying about her age, seems much more promising than her last TV credit, with Sex and the City creator Darren Starr at the helm, but not quite on the mark. It’s an interesting premise (more interesting than the slew of ABC and NBC sitcoms they gave us this fall) but it doesn’t have the concept that can sustain itself over several seasons. It’s creative but with TV Land’s fingerprints. The one perfect piece, that I think will launch this show to popularity, is the always natural and undeniably talented Sutton Foster. Despite what execs might want her to be, Foster isn’t a carbon copy of cable comedy Queen’s Zoey Deschanel or Mindy Kailing, but  she seems to breathe a more believable life to what she does. Sutton seems effortless- you don’t think she’s trying to win you over or make you laugh. Hillary Duff, after a rocky comeback, will easily overshadow Foster’s performance with lines that have more of a spark. Sutton, all the same, will bring an organic quality that no other actress could vie (she really belongs on Girls). The series doesn’t seem to be laugh out loud funny but Younger has a subtly that makes you smile. And with shows that are all to sitcom, that might be exactly what we need.


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