Meryl Streep VS Glenn Close!! Who Will Be Norma Desmond!?!?

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s dares to bring back Sunset Boulevard to the screen. His musical adaptation of arguably the greatest film noir of all time was a critically acclaimed success (garnering eight Tony Awards including Best Musical) but does it deserve to return to Hollywood? Rumors have been circling for years, with Webber adding to the fire by hinting at it every few years. Every actress has been wanting to land the role of a lifetime, but no one would dare try and match Gloria Swanson’s legendary performance. But that doesn’t stop blogs like us from trying to cast it!!! While we’ve heard whispers of Barbra Streisand, Patti Lupone, and Elaine Paige taking on the role, it’s clear that a movie about a Hollywood icon should be played by, well, a Hollywood icon. While Andrew Lloyd Webber has said he wants Madonna to play the role (she starred in Webber’s less than successful movie adaptation of Evita), no one really truly thinks that the casting could be serious. Glenn Close, who starred in the musical back in 1995 (she won her third Tony for the role) has been very vocal about wanting to reprise the role, and she very well might get her wish. Meryl Streep has been rumored, but she’s said nothing about the whispers. Streep, who is perhaps the greatest actress who ever lived, could play any role she wanted and be incredible at any role she played, but we think Streep wouldn’t want to be attached to the project. Glen Close, on the other hand, has the guts and so desperately wants to play the role. And because of it, Close might just get it…IF Webber has the same courage to make the film. This movie is rightfully careful about how it moves forward-


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