“Dexter” Star Michael C. Hall Next Hedwig!!!


While Cinderella‘s strategy to slap celebrity names on their billboards didn’t work out for them in the end, I think it’s fair to say that Hedwig and the Angry Inch can survive without Neil Patrick Harris. Just weeks into Andrew Rannels run as the transgender rock singer that we thought NPH defined, we got news that Dexter star Michael C. Hall would don the blonde wig and fish net tights. This shocking news is not only perfect, it’s brilliant. This is just the casting that the edgy Broadway show needs to be kept sharp in the next season. Hall has a strong fan base for playing the serial killer/anti-hero on Dexter (now in it’s eighth season) but playing Hedwig (which is such a departure) is a refreshing and daring choice. Unlike Chicago or Cinderella, these interesting new replacements don’t just keep the show going, it keeps the show alive (two very different things). We were so confident that when NPH departed, the show would collapse in on itself, but now, it looks like it’s as strong as ever. Hedwig is here to stay.


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