About Time!!! Apple Watch Review!!!


It’s about time!!! Apple, a company who no longer paves the way but follows and improves, has just come out with a great product that no one will use. Obligated by demand, Apple expectantly unveiled their “revolutionary” new device- the Apple Watch (not the iWatch).

Easily better than it’s competitors, Apple’s latest product is a quiet surprise even if it’s expected. Available in endless styles, buying from the mess of options is the first time we have an Apple product that isn’t one uniform aesthetic. Costing an affordable $349, you get both the watch and the band strap (they can be separated to allow infinite combinations). These watches and straps are divided into three vague categories, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition to make the watch more personal to you. Simply put, the watch is meant for time (duh), fitness (duh), and communication (huh?).

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear, this isn’t just a smaller phone, it’s crafted with you and your fat fingers in mind. A crown helps with zooming in and out but swiping isn’t too hard on a watch with such a big screen.

If you get a text message, instead of typing out an answer, Apple Watch will analyze the message and give you recommended responses (it seems pretty darn accurate too). You can use Siri to send a response, but you can send customizable emoticons (really cool) too. For lighter communication, you can even send small neon glazed sketches, that send to other Apple Watches.

Instead of vibrations, you get gentle touches that alert you when ever a notification or message pops up. The light taps help when using the Maps feature. The watch guides you to your destination by vibrating when you have to take a turn.

Because it IS a watch, the time features are pretty cool. Coming in various designs, you can best fit your style with the various options. One theme, Atmosphere, allows you to see where the planets are in relation to the sun at the exact moment (the watch is accurate to plus or minus 50 milliseconds).

Another big feature, the Apple Watch gives you fitness advice that can track your health. Using these circles, you can see how much you need to move or stand up. When you’ve done the recommended amount, the circle will latch on, giving you various awards that are customized to your personal abilities.

Along with being compatible with Apple Pay, you can even use your watch as a key for your hotel room (starting in select W Hotels).

All in all, the Apple Watch sounds pretty amazing, but here’s the biggest and most crucial detail: you need an iPhone in your pocket for the watch to work. Yes, we get that it’s hard to make such an advanced watch without the ability to link with your iPhone, but a watch has little purpose as it is, and there’s nothing that stops the user from using the more functional phone.

Whose going to run with an iPhone in their pocket? Whose going to pay $350 so that they raise a wrist and not have to raise up a phone? The only reason for the watch then becomes that you can get information at a glance- but no one wants to pay that much money for something a phone (which is maybe six inches away from you) can do better.

This technology is not going to catch on, particularly when it comes out early 2015 instead of for the holidays. Releasing a device near the holidays is critical to sell mass numbers of your product and to show the popularity of your device. No one indulgently buys a gift in January. I’m sorry.

It’s so sad how the last two paragraphs of an article can completely ruin your opinion of the Apple Watch, but the fact that the watch doesn’t tell time unless you have an iPhone in your pocket is just dumb. It’s a brilliant product that’s better than any device in it’s category, until you get to that one important detail that makes the iWatch not worth it.


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