Frozen Forever! Disney’s New Short Film!?

Frozen has become an avalanche of money and merchandise, yet we STILL have no sequel (the only thing we actually wanted from the franchise). While we’ve got a Broadway musical, an ice show, a Once Upon a Time story line, and a new book series, we’ll be getting a brand new short film coming out Spring 2015 (to maintain the absurd momentum Frozen has become). Much like they did for the Tangled short film (which has been long forgotten since Frozen‘s wake), Frozen Forever is a celebration turned mess. Elsa and Hans are trying to make Anna’s birthday the best it can be but chaos ensues. Let’s hope and pray to god that it’s not the stupid waste of time that it seems. The only redemption at this news is that another song is coming our way from original composers Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Will we have yet another annoyingly catchy to make parents go through therapy? Who knows!!! I guess we’ll find out pretty soon!!!


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