Miley Cyrus Hosting the VMA’S!?

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You can love her, you can hate her but you can’t help but pay attention. Miley Cyrus has ripped her Disney image without a second’s hesitation and has since become a phenomenon of shocking profanity. She demanded our focus after her infamous VMA performance in 2013 (foam finger and all) but can the star still surprise us a year later? The celebrity has been trying harder than most to grab headlines on tour (where most stars disappear to) but at a certain point, it’s not as exciting because it’s now not surprising. We get that she’s not the perfect little tween she once was, but is she now expected to be shock value for the rest of her career? Her music can’t stand on it’s own, and (like Lady Gaga) needs an over the top grab to support it. But will she try to change that opinion as the VMA’s loom closer? A more mature Miley Cyrus seems like a joke, but maybe she’ll try to make her music (for once) speak for itself. None the less, we’re all secretly hoping for something (anything) controversial to get us talking and Miley seems to have mastered it. After she’s radically changed her image and her career, what’s left for her to do? Whatever it is, it needs to be radical. Nicki Minaj is pretty close to taking the title, strategically premiering her insane new music video to see what Miley could possibly do to compete. There’s some rumors that Miley will host the VMA’s but we think she should steal the show not be the show. We know she’s famous for her trashy getup, but maybe she could come out with style, on the red carpet with steel blue hair instead of her signature platinum blonde. We can guarantee you that Nicki Minaj will be wild and crazy so maybe instead of fighting it, Miley could do the opposite with just a spotlight and a black stool (singing her latest song “Adore You”)? It’ll be interesting to see (post her emotional break up with Liam Hemsworth) how she’ll be inspired. Maybe her next album (which we think should come out summer 2015) could be more about empowerment than about love. All the same, expect there to be twerking.  


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