Live-Action “Clifford The Big Red Dog” Set For 2016

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Yet another dying children’s show will be hitting the big screen in a desperate attempt to reinvigorate the once adored franchise. This time it’s Clifford The Big Red Dog which is slated for a 2016 release. The story of a girl and her 25 foot tall puppy was beloved among many generations and it seems this movie is aimed at the next one. While we would be surprised if it was a box office hit the like the stupid garbage otherwise known as Alvin and the Chipmunks or The Smurfs, expect it to be similar to the more sophisticated Paddington the Bear which is making it’s big screen debut next year. The movie will be live action with CGI rather than a full blown animated movie, which makes me interested to see how’ll they’ll make Clifford look realistic but at the same time the same cartoon character that everybody adores. We personally, would love to see Quvenzhane Wallis as Emily Elizabeth with maybe Ethan Hawke as Clifford (I assume they’ll have the big red dog be able to speak). The creative team will certainly have their hands full, tackling the challenge of making this movie heartwarming and funny. If it becomes more Marley and Me and less Marmaduke it could be a movie that parents could suffer through and kids could learn from. But it may be too soon to say. 


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