“Ghostbusters” Starring Melissa McCarthy!?

It’s no secret that Paul Feig has his eyes on the cult classic film Ghostbusters but his plans to make it an all woman team has been met with mixed opinions while rumors that Melissa McCarthy is attached has made the internet blatantly outraged. While I have respect for the Bridesmaids director, I have little respect for Melissa McCarthy, who was once a beloved Hollywood comedian who could do no wrong. In the same way that Jim Carey and Adam Sandler are no longer respected, McCarthy’s very one note comedic style is no longer the hilarity it once was as box office disappointments like Identity Thief and Tammy can prove. The perfect supporting character just doesn’t work as the title role. And I think (or at least hope) that McCarthy recognizes that, with a refreshing performance in the Indie film St. Vincent (which interestingly enough stars Ghostbusters Bill Murray). I think the 80s franchise is better left untouched, particularly if it would be destroyed by the hands of McCarthy. While I like the idea that she is apart of a team and not meant to carry a whole movie, Ghostbusters is not the project for her. I think I can speak for the internet when i say that I am not interested in a reboot of a once brilliant movie, and I’m certainly no longer interested in the once brilliant Mellissa McCarthy. Sorry. 


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