Frozen Storyline Continuing On The Page, Not The Screen!!!

Disney is giving us everything BUT what we actually want. While we’ll be getting a Broadway musical, a Disney World attraction, an ice show, and even a Once Upon A Time storyline, it’s time we give up on Frozen 2. Mickey Mouse seems dumbfounded at the phenomenon Frozen has become, and not sure of where to go from here, is branching out into every direction. While fans will be pleased at all these new endeavors, how can Disney protect Frozen with so many hands on the franchise!? It seems to me that Disney doesn’t understand why Frozen was the success that it was, and doesn’t want to dare risk anything by creating a sequel that misses the mark. So, they make other people responsible for it. Just today, it was announced that the Frozen storyline would not be continuing on the screen but on the page through a series of children’s books. The first installment. All Hail The Queen, will be out January 5th, 2015 (mark your calendars) but don’t expect this to be one appreciated by all ages (like the movie appeared to be). These books are aimed for a much younger audiences (under 8 years old), a surprisingly narrow move. If this is supposed to be the official continuation of the film (Once Upon A Time‘s storyline is in another dimension) you’d think they’d make it so that EVERYBODY could join in on the fun. But it seems, that this will be just another way to make money and capitalize on the astounding success of the adored animated movie. 


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