“Spongebob: Out Of Water” Trailer + Review

Spongebob: Out Of Water is just the thing the show needs to stay afloat. The once phenomenon first aired over fifteen years ago, and the time has taken a toll on the original and brilliant series that once was the biggest show among youngsters. With writers who have come and gone, Spongebob Square Pants has become repetitive with nothing that new or risky that makes it an interesting viewing. The show, whose original fans are now Juniors in High School (doesn’t that make you feel OLD!?), has to build a whole new audience (assuming the original fanbase has moved on…hopefully!!!). Newer material, AKA Adventure Time, have attacked the shows ratings and made Spongebob, well, drown in it’s own water. Nickelodeon spent the money and threw a life preserver to save them- one that’s a much needed change to the franchise. Yes, for the first time, the cartoon characters we’ve grown to know and love are about to head…out of water (hence the self explanatory subtitle!!!). This transition to CGI is a difficult shift but it’s one the creative team did well… choosing a very stylized reality to fit with the franchise. I loved most of what I was seeing, until the characters became superheroes, a left turn that wasn’t funny.  Although Antonio Bandares embarrases himself as the villainous pirate, the plot looks interesting enough to not bore kids and funny enough for adults to sit through. While it’s easy to call it stupid, if you go along with it, you’ll find yourself smiling… don’t pretend like you didn’t!!!



  1. staciblank · August 7, 2014

    I was not going to see this but your review changed my mind 😜 . Thanks.

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