“Night At The Museum 3” Trailer + Review

Did you even know they were MAKING a third one? The franchise, which I feel has been tapped dry of any potential, is clearly pushing forward, but why!? I mean the clear answer is MONEY (Hollywood’s reason for everything) but it seems this third installment is an unneeded and in my opinion unwanted addition. Ben Stiller is Ben Stiller in the fairly interesting world where a museum comes to life. But when finding more of the cast hidden underneath Stiller’s humor, it’s a mystery to me as to why this isn’t more successful. Everyone of them (excluding Rebel Wilson) seem past their prime. Robin Williams and Owen Wilson seem to fit right in but Ben Kinsley and Dan Stevens (needing to prove himself after riskily exiting Downton Abbey) seem to add something, anything to the movie. Moving to London instead of New York could be a fun idea, with the hillarious Rebel Wilson the main reason why. But can this same concept seem fresh??? A movie with an impressive cast (or at least a cast with a resume) and The Avengers of historical figures (that sounded a lot cooler in my head) should be hilarious. But instead it seems…meh. 


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