Christian Borle Is Mr. Darling and Smee in “Peter Pan Live!”


Broadway favorite Christian Borle is in talks to join the cast of the highly anticipated television event, “Peter Pan Live!” No, he won’t be Captain Hook (the role he deservedly won a Tony for in Peter and the Starcatchers) because, well, this is TV and your name is more important than your talent in the wonderful world of show business. So, while Christopher Walken will play the famous pirate, Christian Borle is rumored to be playing Smee and Mr. Darling!!! While most Peter Pan productions have Mr. Darling and Hook played by the same actor, it seems that Walken is only wiling to do one.  That leaves the Masters of Sex and Smash star to take on dual characters- a challenge the actor can certainly pull off. Brole, who also appeared in last years The Sound of Music Live! has an impressive Broadway resume that includes Legally Blonde, Spamalot, Mary Poppins, Footloose, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. The star, who I have to admit does not look the part, does have the comedic timing to tackle the hilariously dumb assistant. And him as Mr. Darling, which couldn’t be more different than the character Smee, seems equally strange. I love the idea that Borle would be involved, but I’m not in love with how he’s involved. 


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