“Batman V Superman” Moves Premiere Date!!!

It looks like Batman V Superman and Captain America 3 will not be competing on the same day!!! While we knew it was going to happen, we didn’t know who would budge. Marvel and DC’s petty fight on who would get the May 6th release date is over, with Warner Brothers announcing that they have moved the highly anticipated Batman V Superman release date to March 25th, a whole MONTH earlier. Of course this doesn’t mean Batman V Superman are doing incredibly, opening the movie earlier than expected, as their original release date was Summer 2015. We were surprised that BVS (it’s way too long a title for me to write out again!!!) was the one to move and for CA3 to stay (CA3 sounds like a video game and BVS sounds like an overpriced car but let’s continue using the acronyms!!!). BVS is clearly the bigger box office draw, I mean it’s friggin Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in one movie. BUT, there are some rumors that say CA3 may have Wolverine and Spiderman, which would be a whole different story.  Although it’s unlikely the crossovers are going to happen, it would make for one heck of a showdown between the two movies!!! Either way DC seems to be doing well. They certainly showed up at Comic Con (although that isn’t saying much!) and now they have more good news for us. I’m impressed DC. Gold Star!!!


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