Tony Award Winner James Corden Replacing Craig Ferguson?



While you can never take small whispers seriously, it looks like James Corden is in talks to replace Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. Corden, who earned a Tony for his incredible performance (or should I say performances!) in One Man, Two Guvnors, will become a mainstream celebrity when he’s seen as the Baker in Disney’s Into The Woods. It’s an odd choice for CBS as Corden has little to no fan base. He has the talent but does he have the name!? Initially it will certainly be a rocky start to launch the show up against SNL vet Seth Meyers who has legions of followers (me being one of them). As much as I love James Corden, I think taking on such an important gig will end up hurting him more than helping him. If he become’s a surprise break out star for Into The Woods, the maybe. But for now, he seems like an unlikely and an unwise choice for CBS. 


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